500 faces of Amsterdam

During the making of the 50 years Paradiso exhibition we invited ourselves to photographing people of Paradiso during any kind of concert, party, evening or event between 2018 and 2019. We've made around 1400 portraits of guests, artists and crew members – basically anyone in the building. We always planned to make a book but only during the heavy lockdown or shutdown of our lovely city of Amsterdam we realized we really miss out on going out. We miss the faces that represent our city. So we put 500 of them in a Lookbook of Paradiso. To support the music temple of Amsterdam that is struggling to stay alive.

Many thanks to The Gallery Club, Zwaan Lenoir and Coebergh PR & Communication

This book is available at Lecturis.nl for €50,– (€10 will be donated to Paradiso).
Hardcover / 512 pages / full color